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I am a rape survivor for those who are going to tell me I don’t understand rape.

Rape is horrible, but if it happens to you, you are MORALLY OBLIGATED to report it, especially since we have DNA testing now. Why? Because the average rapist does it to more than one person, and for every person after you, your moral responsibility grows. YES, I HOLD YOU PARTIALLY RESPONSIBLE. Of course the rapist is at fault, but if you had a chance to potentially stop it, and you didn’t, I am ashamed of you.

I was attacked by a stranger who had raped others before me. My rape could have been prevented by a report.


I understand where your feelings are coming from, and I’m sorry that this happened to you. Truly I am. But when you are raped/assaulted/abused, it is not just a physical injury. It is a traumatic experience, and therefore causes severe mental anguish. Every reaction to that type of event is completely normal, including not wanting to have evidence collected, or to report it, or get tested for diseases.

Please do not blame the victim for their personal reaction to such a horrible thing, and please do not preach that you are ashamed of them for not following your specific example. Those who have been through it and did not report it or collect evidence already feel badly enough without you piling guilt onto them.

According to my training as a crisis councelor, there are three stages following a sexual assault—Immediate/Acute, Outward Adjustment, and Reorganization. Everyone approaches these stages differently and at different times. You cannot, absolutely cannot expect everyone to follow the same path to healing that you did. It is impossible to achieve.

TLDR; Absolutely do not ever *force* a sexual assault survivor to talk about, report, or get tested after the assault has occurred. You will be doing far more harm than good.


  • steve introducing bucky to the avengers
  • all of them being instantly accepting of him
  • bucky speaking russian with natasha
  • clint teaching bucky all about archery and television
  • thor inviting bucky to go out drinking with him
  • tony offering to upgrade bucky’s arm
  • bucky hanging out with bruce in his lab late at night
  • bucky barnes being loved and having a family









Observation: Sherlock is wearing his bed sheet.

Deduction: Sherlock sleeps naked.


Posit: Sherlock is only wearing the sheet to Skype. He usually wears nothing around the house.

Sherlock walks around the house wearing only a sheet, potentially maybe even less.

Sherlock often doesn’t seem to notice whether John is actually around or not.

If you were prone to bouts of partial or full nudity that you didn’t want anyone to witness, you’d pay more attention to the location of your “flatmate” to prevent embarrassing mishaps.

I infer from this that Sherlock walks around in this state whether John is in the room or not.


If you’re going to be so obvious, then why not say that Sherlock walks around naked all the time? Pff. 

I’ll go a little further with the observations, if I may:

Observation #1: At the point we enter the conversation, Sherlock already has his laptop open in the kitchen and has made himself a cup of tea or coffee. Inference: he was already talking to John via Skype before temporarily going back into the bedroom.

Observation #2: When he comes out of the bedroom he has nothing in his hands - nothing that he might have been going back to retrieve. Also, John feels embarrassed. He must have gone back into the bedroom to cover himself up with a sheet, then, probably at John’s request.

Observation #3: It doesn’t seem too early in the day and yet Sherlock seems sleepy. Obviously he was up rather late, then. (That drink is probably coffee not tea).

Observation #4: John was in Dublin the previous day. Since he’s somewhere rural now and it’s probably still morning (unless Sherlock was up really late) it seems unlikely he’s been back to London yet.

Conclusion: Sherlock had the laptop in the bedroom with him (no doubt because he was talking to John in Dublin late into the night after going to bed). His sleep was interrupted by news about a new case - on learning where the crime scene was he contacted John to send him to the location. He then went back to sleep, then once John was at the scene he woke Sherlock up again via Skype. Sherlock, needing coffee, got up without bothering to dress, carried Skype-John into the kitchen, talked to him while strutting about naked making coffee before finally giving in to John’s pleas that he go and cover himself up. Because late at night is one thing, but mid-morning on a crime scene with a bunch of police officers looking over your shoulder at your naked flatmate is another.

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Things i want in Series 4:

  • Drunk Moriarty
  • For it to happen before 2056
  • John to say ‘no shit, Sherlock’
  • John to get pissed off at Sherlock and shout ‘WILLIAM SHERLOCK SCOTT HOLMES’ to which Sherlock replies ‘JOHN HAMISH WATSON’
  • Moriarty to walk into 221B with Staying alive playing from his phone and he just says ‘surprise, bitch’


#forever obsessed with his acting choices in this film  #even his cockiness in the beginning has a worryingly unstable edge  #completely blind to anyone other than himself but steve  #just riding the edge of the wave of his handsomeness and charm  #a boy about to go to war who’s never known anything but being the shining light of his own life  #and then he goes tumbling into the dark  #look at that face; those eyes 

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